"The war is over, but the world is no longer as it once was. Nuclear Armageddon has been unleashed, and the survivors of the remaining nations are now homeless. Together however we can rebuild, something much greater. I have taken the pure remains of the lands and formed our own continent, those who follow me dubbed it in my name; the land of Sapphiria, the land of hope." - The Goddess Sapphirian's Journal, Entry #1

The world has been ravaged following the catastrophic events of World War III, more commonly known as the Great War. However, in the aftermath of war, hope did blossom. Gods and goddesses awaken from the ruins of the old world and shape it anew. This has given rise to the collection of islands known as the Sherwood Isles. It is a place of new beginnings, home to heroes and villains both. Will you make your fame here, or die trying?

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